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Special and designed tops at affordable prices and unique designs. An elegant item that upgrades any dress!

Looking for a top for an event? Have you already bought a dress and are you still missing a top for the wedding? Do you need a sleeve for the evening? You can choose from a variety of tops for dresses that will upgrade any performance. The tops for women by Liat Brendel are handmade and come in a selection of colors and types.

Modest fashion is here! Need a canopy cover? We have the perfect solutions for you. White tops, tops for the bride and also for the bride's family under the canopy: a top for the mother of the bride, a top for the mother of the groom, a top for the sister of the bride, a top for the sister of the groom - here you can find a variety of modest tops for the event.

The site also has a variety of jackets and tops including: long tops, short tops, glittery tops, black tops, special tops, evening tops, evening dress tops, thin summer tops, summer tops, elegant evening tops.