Evening dress - how will you know you found the one?

The event season is near and you are starting to look for the perfect evening dress. Many designers and many stores offer evening dresses in a variety of designs and colors and you are not sure what will suit you? You have come to the right place: some tips on how to choose an evening dress for an event and what is the most important thing to consider when choosing an evening dress for a wedding?

How to choose a "correct" evening dress for me and suitable for the event to which I was invited?

The season of events

"Arka" event hall at Tel Aviv port (photo by Avner Zarfati)

1. Personal taste and style

Before you look at an evening dress for the upcoming event to which you have been invited, try to define your personal taste and style: are you the type of designer and luxurious evening dress or rather a simple evening dress type? You can open your wardrobe and check: do you have mostly modest dresses or rather sexy and revealing dresses? Do you like to wear a colorful evening dress or would you prefer a classic black evening dress that will be used for many events? A designed evening dress combined with sequins and embroidery can suit bolder women who like to attract attention and be the center of attention, while a delicate but designed evening dress can suit the more relaxed types, and those looking for a dress that will suit important and prestigious events and not just weddings. There are women who know they won't feel comfortable in short evening dresses, and there are those who know themselves and are only looking for modest evening dresses. Not all of them are looking for a classic evening dress - there are those who would prefer a special and one-time evening dress to be worn only once. But one thing is certain and that is - before going on the search, you should define for yourself what your personal style is and what exactly you are looking for. This way you can be precise in your choices and save yourself valuable time already at the search stage.

Personal clothing style

2. Budget

Another important point is what is your budget? Whether it is an evening dress for the son's wedding or perhaps an evening dress for a friend's wedding, you can find evening dresses for weddings in a wide range of prices today. The price of the dress will be affected by many factors, such as the quality of the fabric and the other elements included in it, who is the designer of the dress, what is its style, is it a dress that only has one like it, and more. The recommendation is to go looking for the perfect evening dress for you only after you have set the budget in advance. If the budget is relatively limited and you are looking for cheap evening dresses, you should not waste your time looking for a dress in a place where the cheapest dress is above your budget. And on the contrary, if you are looking for a sparkling and luxurious evening dress with multiple embroidery works and sequins, you have nothing to look for in evening dress designers of the simpler style. Therefore, before you go out to measure evening dresses, think with yourself what your budget is and that way you can find the dress for the event that is perfect for you.

Evening dress for a wedding

Evening dress for a wedding - what is your budget?

3. The cut

When looking for designer evening dresses, you will quickly discover that today there is a wide variety of designs, styles and cuts. When you are looking for an evening dress designed for you, it is important that you take into account your personal data and check whether the dress you are thinking of buying is the right dress for you. what is your figure What is your body type? Are you endowed with a feminine and rounded body structure? Or in a slimmer and more boyish build? Which area of ​​your body is wider?

If the upper part of the body is narrow and the lower part is wider, you should look for an evening dress that mainly emphasizes the waist and blurs the thigh area. If you have a large chest, you should wear a special evening dress without prints on the top and it is also advisable to wear a dress with a neckline (and avoid wearing a strapless dress). If you have a small chest, you should go for evening dresses combined with several colors, prints or design elements - special evening dresses with a lot of interest and style.

You are welcome to expand on the article about different body types and choosing a matching dress according to body type here .

A special evening dress for the occasion

What is your body type? According to this you will be able to know which cut suits you. The red dress on the left blurs the hips, while the black dress on the right flatters having a small chest (and not only...)

4. What is the event?

After you have defined your personal style, the desired budget and the cut you are looking for - all that remains is to understand what event you are looking for a dress for? What is the style of the event and how binding is it? Where is it held and who are the invited guests? Is this an event in a closed hall or rather an event in an open event garden?

If the event takes place in a closed hall, you can choose almost without limitation any evening dress you want - both luxurious and expensive evening dresses, and very special evening dresses. But if the event is held in an open event garden, you will have to take into account the weather conditions of the season in which it will take place (will you need a top, for example? Will the event be held in lawns and you will not be able to walk in heels? Will it be very hot, so you will have to wear a special dress, but also one that does not show stains sweat?). If the event is lighter, you can look for designed and special but light dresses, and then you can enjoy clothing items in your closet that will serve you even after the event for which you bought them.

The degree of your proximity to the owner of the event is also very important in deciding which evening dress to buy. Evening dresses for a sister's wedding will not look like evening dresses for a close friend's wedding. The same is true if you are looking for evening dresses for a wedding for mothers - your proximity to the person holding the event will greatly influence the choice of which dress for the event should I choose?

So the next time you wonder where to look for evening dresses for a wedding you've been invited to, and ask yourself if you should buy a classic black evening dress that will serve you long after the event; Or is it better for you to buy a special and one-off evening dress? Don't forget to ask yourself the four questions:

1. What is your personal taste?

2. What is your budget?

3. Which figure flatters you the most?

4. What is the event and how close are you to the owner of the event?

And in the meantime, don't forget:

Dressing well is a form of good manners

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