what will i wear today Tips for a smart and flattering wardrobe

wake up early. drink coffee. work hard
"Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well."
Clothes, clothing, trends - we have always been busy. The clothes we wear are our identity, the definition of "Who am I?" and call to questions of belonging and self-position. Our clothes are used by us to convey messages: who am I really and who do I want others to think I am?
At least once a day we ask ourselves: "What to wear?"
We are tired of wearing the same combinations we wore last week and what bothers us every day is why we buy and buy and buy and somehow at the moment of truth we have nothing to wear ? We all want to wear the right clothes in the right place, or rather: the right clothes for us in the right place.
Women wear only five favorite outfits
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Fashion trends affect us all - directly or indirectly. We live in a certain period and it has a certain mindset and this undoubtedly affects what we wear and how we look. Even if we choose to wear a special garment that is different from what we see around us - the subtle difference is from familiarity with the mindset of the time in which we live (or as it is said: "to break the rules you have to beginning Meet them").

"What shall I wear today?"

How do you decide what to wear today? The answer is first of all - self-honesty. Find a time when you are free to do this exercise with yourself - and make a personal confession with yourself. Everything starts from your own head.
Be honest with yourself, how happy are you with how your body looks when you stand in front of the mirror?
What would you like to improve/hide?
Which areas of your body do you really like and want to highlight?
Are there certain colors that don't flatter you?
What color / print makes you the happiest?
What fabrics do you like?
What is the most comfortable for you to wear? And what things will you never wear because they are not comfortable for you?*
(*I attach special importance to this section, because my personal opinion is that a woman should not wear something that she is not comfortable with. Throughout the history of clothing, we have witnessed enough cases in which women wore clothes that did not allow them to function/move and were not comfortable for them. I will talk about the shortening of the history of clothing in the post Next. There is something to wait for).
what will i wear today what to wear today
what will i wear today
Answering these questions will help you be at peace with yourself, love your body and dress in a way that flatters you. You will be able to intelligently use both an existing wardrobe and upgrade the wardrobe to include important items. In all three of your wardrobes, invest in clothes that are comfortable and suit your personality, with which you can feel comfortable in a variety of situations.
Invest in a wardrobe that will include:
Basic wardrobe - classic items that are must-haves in your closet: flattering little black dress, flattering jeans, accurate t-shirt, button-down shirts, comfortable and flattering pants, black or navy cardigan / top, jacket and coat. This is where it's best to invest because these are items that will serve you for many years and are actually the "bread and butter" of your wardrobe.
Business wardrobe - more tailored and appropriate clothes, such as: a dress for the office, a tailored shirt, festive pants and for those who love: a sexy pencil skirt. This category includes flattering items that don't wrinkle easily, more modest clothes that you can move in comfortably. Or in short - I call it "a dress you can sit with" (and its hem doesn't rise to such a height that you have to uncomfortably stretch it all the time).
Wardrobe for events - interesting "bling bling" items such as: a sparkling dress for an event, a special black dress, an evening dress, a holiday dress, an evening shirt and flattering dark jeans. In this wardrobe it is important to also include flattering underwear that makes you feel comfortable.
Plan your wardrobe so that you like it and it will characterize who you are, give you a good feeling, be comfortable and fashionable and of course - attract compliments.
Choosing the right items will only come after you are at peace with yourself, love your body and then you can turn any disadvantage into an advantage in your clothing. After studying your body - now you know what the problem areas are. By using the right cuts for you and colors that compliment you, you can highlight the beautiful areas and blur the problematic areas. Highlight the areas you like and hide the ones you like less, and make your performance one that you are proud of and comfortable with. Choose clothes according to your body shape: choose cuts and colors that flatter you, "clothes that make you feel good", that is, those that contribute to improving your feeling and compliment your appearance.
A little tip from me to you: sometimes it is not necessary to blur the problematic areas, and it is enough just to draw the attention of the person standing in front of us to another place. So, for example, those who want to blur the hips or buttocks can choose a garment with a prominent element in the cleavage area and thus draw attention to this area - without trying to blur the thigh area at all.
a woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes
There is no sexier woman than the one who is comfortable in her clothes
"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes." / Vera Wang. The picture is taken from here
The next time you are debating what to wear to work or what to wear to an event, give special thought to what you want to convey? The way you dress is your business card, your first impression, it is who you are for those who don't know you yet and also for those who already do.
Try to define in a few words what your clothing style is? Sporty / Tailored / Vintage / Romantic / Boyish / Throw / Sexy / Feminine / Classic / Tight / Oversize... Is there someone in particular who is a role model for you in the field of clothing? Is your style of clothing related to the field in which you are engaged or to your activities during the day? What reflects who you are? Are you open to receiving new styles and making changes to your clothing? Or are you satisfied with your existing wardrobe and just want to enrich it? It is important to stay fashionable and trendy without becoming a "fashion victim". That is, when you are faced with the decision of whether or not to buy a new garment, you can ask yourself: Do I see myself wearing this garment in a year? And two years? And more? Can this garment be used for more than one season? If so - this is the item for you :-)
Don't forget that the right total look for you will be determined not only by the clothes in your closet and don't forget to combine accessories: pins, necklaces, belts, bags, shoes and maybe even hats. All these items will complete your performance.

Our personal style relates to our self-identity and the question "Who am I"?

When you feel good about yourself - you look better - and your self-confidence increases!

Because you are most beautiful and sexy when you are comfortable in your clothes.

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