A few minutes before the year ends

What do I think about a few minutes before the year ends?

On closing a circle, on everything that happened this year, on my actions, the achievements, on the levels in which I progressed and the areas in which I strive to improve.
It was a very challenging year. A little over a year ago I became a mother of two and discovered a new world of challenges. The phrase "Man plans, and God laughs" suddenly became more relevant than ever: I found myself making plans and every time I discover that when there are two small children at home the plans are only a recommendation :-)
And among all the thoughts of the end of the year, there is one thought of special importance: am I doing what I love the most?

I have known for over a decade that fashion is my greatest love. It started in high school when my grandmother gave me her sewing machine and I sewed clothes and bags on it that I liked to wear the most, then in the army I had an amazing commanding officer who allowed me to go out once a week and study fashion at a school; And already on the day of liberation I knew what I would study and what I would do. I finished 4 intense years of studies at Shanker, during which I also had such a great internship at Marks and Spencer's in London, and for dessert I presented my final project in Tokyo (an experience I will never forget).
Immediately after graduation, I released a super colorful debut collection, with all the creative baggage and inspiration of the final project. Over time, I also learned to bridge the world of Shankar and the real world - to choose the colors carefully, to keep the cuts a little away from the body, to maintain a balance between design and practicality. A second, and a third collection, in the way of many personal adjustments according to the customers' requirements - and with the understanding that the most important school is you - my customers.
Along the way I also went through two births, the body changes, and suddenly I understand better than ever the need for clothes that know how to flatter in exactly the right places.

And now at the beginning of the new civil year I want to ask you: what would you most like me to make in my next collection? Which dress or shirt did you like best and what would you like me to wear? Are there items you like but something bothers you about them? What item do you dream of making?
Maybe an item you would like me to change a bit? Or maybe a brand new item that hasn't been born yet? Maybe a special discount on an item you dream of?
Tell me about the dream and maybe I can make it come true :-)

Wishing us all a year in which we get to do what we love!

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