Every woman needs a little black dress

The little black dress has become an iconic and classic item, a kind of must-have item in every closet. Did you know it wasn't always like this?
If you're also looking for a classic black dress, or if you already have one in your closet (just one?), I've put together some interesting facts especially for you that will help you when you're looking for a black dress for your next event.

What is a little black dress?
It is a simple dress with a short cut in black color, which is used as an evening dress for going out and for various events. Over time, the interpretation expanded and black dresses of various lengths also came into the definition: a black maxi dress, a black midi dress, a black mini dress and a black knee-length dress. According to the Oxford dictionary, it is "a simple black garment for a woman, worn and appropriate for a woman in most formal social circumstances". The dress is called LBD - the initials of its name in English: Little Black Dress.

With a little black dress the woman is never underdressed or overdressed
"With a little black dress a woman is never underdressed or overdressed", Karl Lagerfeld

What is special about a little black dress and why is it famous?
The little black dress is famous because it can suit all hours of the day and almost any occasion, depending on the fashion accessories and shoes that are combined with it. It can be worn as a dress for a special occasion, a black evening dress, a dress for the office or even as an everyday dress. In addition, you can find the black dress at a relatively low price and in sizes suitable for every age.

Black evening dress
Little black dress - black origami dress, from Liat Brandel's evening collection

Who invented the little black dress?
who would believe? The color black was until about a hundred years ago a color that was not acceptable to wear on a daily basis. Black clothing was reserved for mourning purposes, and wearing black for non-mourning purposes was actually considered socially improper.

black dress black dress

Women from the aristocracy practice mourning customs in black clothes (the image is taken from here )

In 1926, Coco Chanel published in "Vogue America" ​​an image of a short and simple black dress, which reached straight to the shin and was decorated with diagonal cuts. The writers in "Vogue" immediately understood that it was a classic and called the new model "Channel's Ford", like the Model T of the Ford car.

Coco Chanel little black dress
A little black dress by Coco Chanel, published in Vogue America, 1926

After the Second World War and the sexual conservatism of the 1950s, the "new look" appeared which brought the little black dress back to greatness. It was the first collection released by Christian Dior since the end of the war, and it was soon called the "NEW LOOK" by American reporters from LIFE magazine. The collection was characterized by rounded and feminine lines (as opposed to the sharp, masculine lines that characterized the war period) and compared the silhouette of a watch Sand to wear it. The collection consisted of tight-waisted jackets and full skirts with an elegant and shiny look and a combination of many fashion accessories such as hats, gloves, shoes and purses. The use of black was extensive.

The New Look The New Look

The "New Look" silhouette, 1940s, Christian Dior

A few years later, the little black dress became popular when Audrey Hepburn wore it in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" . The little black dress was simple and accessible to women of all social classes, and in "Vogue" they expected it to become "a kind of uniform for all women and all styles." Hollywood also influenced the adoption of the little black dress. In the technicolor method: the black dress looked better on the screen than colored dresses.

Black dress for the Audrey Hepburn event
Black dress for the occasion: Audrey Hepburn wearing a legendary little black dress in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", 1961

The black dress today
If you thought that black dresses have always been an integral part of a woman's wardrobe, then the black dress as we know it today - the little black dress - has actually existed for less than a hundred years. A black dress has become a classic must-have item in our wardrobe - we wear it for a wide variety of events: a dress for everyday, a dress for the office and of course a dress for a special event or a black evening dress - all depending on the level of accessories added and the shoes chosen. When we are looking for a black dress for an event, we know that it will serve us for many years even long after, and therefore we are ready to invest a little more so that we have a classic and special dress that will suit us for a variety of events.

Modest black dress Black evening dress

A black evening dress in a variety of designs and variations - a dress for everyday, for the office or for an event, from here

And finally: 1 minute and 35 seconds of the little black dress

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