The color of the year

As every year, the global company Pantone chooses the exact shade of the year, the one that will influence the worlds of design and lifestyle and dictate new trends and trends. Fenton is an American color manufacturing company, best known for its color matching method that stems from strict rules and precise methods for matching colors.
Pantone company - strict rules and precise methods for matching colors
Once a year the Pantone company determines the "color of the year". The worlds of fashion and design have been relying on this choice for years. The color of the year for 2020 chosen by the color giant Pantone is solid but elegant and refined: the shade Classic Blue: "Gives calmness, security and a sense of connection and emphasizes our desire for a stable and reliable foundation, especially at the beginning of a new era".
The color of the year 2020 is classic blue
I'm biased... and have loved this color for a good few years. There is something very elegant about it and yet much less binding than black. Blue is a color that allows the wearer to look special but not stand out too much. And in general, to me, blue is the perfect and most special choice as an evening dress for an event: a dress for the mother of the bride, a dress for the mother of the groom or a dress for the sister of the bride or the groom (it's just a good idea to coordinate in advance so that they don't all come in the same color...).
A blue dress for the occasion
 The color blue is one of the three basic colors, and its main advantage is that it is dark enough not to stand out too much, but at the same time is unique and flatters many hair and skin tones.
Blue evening dress, the color of the year, a blue dress for the event
On the right - a blue dress for the event, from here ; On the left - Santorini, Greece, from here
There is no color quite like this

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