Fashion and 3D printing

I have always been interested in new technologies. And my love for fashion has existed for more than a decade.
Therefore, it was the most natural thing in the world for me to establish a brand that connects my two great loves: fashion and technology. And this is also the reason that when " the chair " offered me a lecture on fashion and 3D printing, I accepted with great joy.
Fashion and 3D printing Liat Brendel the chair
One evening a few weeks ago I arrived (excitedly) at the Rothschild Auditorium in the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. In my bag you could find a diskonkey with a presentation embedded with 12 unique videos, which I carefully selected and edited. After weeks of work and research, I enjoyed lecturing on the connection of fashion and 3D as part of the "Chair's" series of lectures on fashion and innovation.
What did I talk about in the lecture? Here's a little taste.
Fashion and 3D printing Fashion lecture Liat Brendel

Why is 3D printing so interesting to me?

I have been laser cutting for several years. Prepares a cut, corrects, scans to the computer, draws on the scan, sends for laser cutting, sews the parts, corrects the cut and God forbid (about laser cutting and my work process in this post ).
3D printing technology is similar but also very different. Here, too, there is a connection between the drawing on the computer and the final product, similar to my work today. However, unlike it, in 3D printing the entire product is designed in 3D on the computer, and printed as a finished product, usually without the need to connect parts after printing. The planning was done in three-dimensional software, not in two-dimensional illustration software as I work today.
Iris Van Herpen Iris Van Herpen
Fully 3D printed items, Iris van Harpen, a clothing system from the Capriole collection -like skydiving")

What is 3D printing?

This is an umbrella term for a number of different techniques. Several technologies that make it possible to produce three-dimensional models from a computer. The design is done in computer aided design (CAD) software. The printing is done in different types of plastic, and as the days go by, new materials and combinations of new materials are developed that enable the production of parts in various industries: architecture, space, transportation, aviation, weapons, medicine, attempts to Production of food , tissues and biological organs (in the making, here is a new example right from our tiny country) and of course - clothes.

Neri Oxman Iris Van Harpen 3D printed dress

Coral dress (Anthozoa Dress) made of soft polymeric material, collaboration with Neri Oxman (Israeli American professor at MIT) (Neri Oxman), Voltage 2013 collection

And the relationship between 3D printing and fashion?

It is impossible not to mention in this context the talented fashion designer from the pioneers of high fashion in 3D printing: Iris Van Herpen.

Iris Van Herpen Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen, a Dutch designer with unprecedented designs who combines the most traditional materials with the most radical in her designs

Van Harpen is a pioneer in the use of 3D printing as a technique for assembling clothes - starting in 2010, and is one of the most talented and innovative fashion designers. In her works she combines the most traditional materials with the most radical. Her work includes a special aesthetic, an interest in science and technology and she draws inspiration from the animal world.

"It's not that she rejects the heritage of haute couture, she just redefines it using modern tools. In the past, the sewing machine did the same thing."

Vanessa Friedman, New York Times


Want to hear more? You are welcome to write to me and I will be happy to come to the lectures.

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